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CPTSD Foundation

CPTSD Foundation is an organization that benefits those who suffer from the effects of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a program that provides services and also has a free website page for those who wish to join. The services on their website offer a meeting once a week that is a zoom like format where peoples cameras are turned off and also the only form of communication between members is messaging and voice. These meetings are run by trained therapists in training or already therapists themselves as far as I know; they don't get into exact details. But I have heard them talk about their clients, so I am assuming. When instructing and teaching these meetings there is member inclusion and also a lot of knowledge and useful tips for use in managing symptoms with CPTSD using cognitive approaches and other therapeutic approaches. Every other Sunday they have a spiritual meeting as well. There is a $50 a month fee to join. It is worth it if you are in it for the long run and the councilors are very friendly, sensitive, and also are fellow trauma survivors themselves, which makes it very helpful!

I have found the Facebook page to be helpful and also informative. Poppy Leigh who admins for it is great and posts a ton of helpful information on the page on a daily basis. I am an active member my self and do enjoy the posts and fellowship. 

Monday's they have a live Video pod on You Tube about various topics, with Athena who is the Founder of the foundation and a trained therapist herself with a lot of experience. Also, she is a trauma survivor too who has an amazing story with lots of hope.

Hi I am introducing a Facebook Friend of mine: Heather Hammett. She is an inspiring blogger and YouTube host who blogs and video's about important CPTSD topics and her own personal journey with her CPTSD recovery. She is a very active mother of two beautiful children. She is married to a handsome man who supports her efforts in what she is overcoming on a daily basis. She is a very active and healthy lifestyle person and is also very transparent with her recovery. I think most people would love to read her blogs and watch her videos. She's not to bad on the eye's either and has been an inspiration to me as well!                          

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