• Tobach Nigh

Equivalent to giving birth??

10/26/2020 7:50am

Hi! So this morning I woke up to the most horrendous pain in my left kidney I have ever felt to date. Just as bad, even worse than when I had to go to the ER in the first place. Only this time I would not have not been able to drive myself. I immediately took 600mg of Ibuprofen. I was breathing in hard short breaths kneeled over on my bed praying, "please God take it away" or, "oh God! Oh God!." It lasted about 30 min I think, progressively getting worse off. I thought about calling 911 and then thought to myself no this will pass, remembering that this was part of the process and I have had these pain spasms before....But this?! Ugh. So At the end of the pain going away (I think right when the Ibuprofen kicked in) I felt this little thing in my kidney like break or dislodge. It felt like or maybe a better phrase to describe it would be break free. But either way it felt like something in my kidney broke. Like a tiny bit of it broke off inside...Odd feeling to say the least. So I Googled it and found the "4 Phases to a Kidney Stone Passing". In there it says that the stone passing through the kidneys is the most horrific part of the process. The author of this article also said some women have compared it to the pains of childbirth or even worse! (I guess the stones would have to be pretty big!). Anyway so the pain is really intense and I have had my fair share so far. Then the next phase 2 says the stone will pass into the Ureter which it the 2mm tube on either side of your kidneys that goes into your bladder. So I immediately thought that that break I had felt, was it breaking out of my kidney into my Ureter...I could also feel the pain more in that direction now. Then phase three is it plopping into your bladder where there is not much pain, just pressure feeling, and the urge to go pee every 5 minutes. Stage 4 is when you actually are peeing out the stone, if it hasn't gotten smaller? Not sure if it does that? But He goes through the process and funny enough he describes it a lot like giving birth as I have only seen and heard it on the movies and TV. (paraphrasing) "Once in the urinary canal it might get stuck. If it does don't freak out! If you don't push hard it will just go back into your bladder and you will have to start the whole process over again. SO puuuuuush!" Then the little rock head will probably with some pain come shooting out and land in whatever it lands into. Some people actually have to collect it to give to their doctor so that they can analyze it to see where the stone came from: eating to much meat, certain types of food, your diet will bring them on. There's 4 types of stones! I know fascinating!

So to wrap this thing up, I am now pain free, up to early, and waiting for the coffee to be done (I know coffee is bad right now...). But I will only have one cup. This actually had nothing to do with CPTSD, but just an adventure and had everything to do with the passing of kidney stones. I might have to start another blog on the passing of kidney stones here if this stone doesn't come out anytime soon. Thanks for reading if you did! Please leave a comment with any suggestions or feedback!

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