• Tobach Nigh

Today has been a good day.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020


Today has been a good day. I met my lost inner child today face to face with a vivid mental image of him looking at me as if surprised - directly in the face - with scared eyes, as if caught off guard. I burst into tears shortly afterward grieving the loss of years gone by of feelings alienated by my peers growing up. The rich kids vs. the poor me. All alone with no others to relate with or identify with. They had it so good. They were loved and taken care of and I was not. I searched for the love they had for from their homes and the care they got (foods filled to the brim with goodies from pristine grocery stores, with quality items like: Pepperidge Farms and Perrier sparkling water!). I was glad to have it too. I was raised around privileged youth.

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